Thursday, 3 November 2011

Remember, remember...

the fifth of November,
Gunpowder treason and plot.
We see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!”

What are you up to this "Bonfire Night? Heaven knows we all need a bit of fun with Europe being broke as a brass monkey and all. Behind this night of fire, flames and general spectacle lies a story of deceit, conspiracy, betrayal and high treason that seems oddly familiar given recent revelations in the headlines.I'm sure you know the plot (boomboom) by now. So, politics aside, will you be letting off fireworks all weekend, toasting marshmallows on an old campfire boy scout stylie? Just wafting around a sparkler maybe? 

Here are a few Bonfire events to wet your appetite and with everyone being brassick these are all free or reasonably recession proof price wise. Hurrah!..

Southgate Fireworks Display, London
As well as the pyrotechnics there's a full bar with mulled wine, food stalls, and fairground rides.
Or you could head to Parliament Hill or Primrose Hill to watch fireworks fill the skies over our capital.
Pype Hayes Park, Birmingham
Rumoured to be the biggest bonfire night in Birmingham!
Roundahy Park, Leeds
Leeds biggest and FREE!
Leeds Castle
Two afternoons of entertainment in the grounds of Leeds Castle, followed by a fireworks finale set to music inspired by outer space. Wow!
Hopetoun Fireworks Night, Edinburgh
Spectacular fireworks against impressive backdrop.
Lewes Bonfire Night, East Sussex
Lewes is known as the bonfire capital and for good reason!
Platts Field Park, Manchester
Used to live near here as a student. Always a good laugh but watch out if walk through Rusholme later on, the scamps let the bloody things off in the streets!

Please note, we're varying locations as we haven't got either the time on inclination to list every Bonfire event happening across the UK. If you don't live anywhere near any of the above, check out your local rag, roundabout or posters to see what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Now all that remains to be done is to wrap up warm, get yourself a toffee apple and stay safe! Fingers crossed it doesn't rain!

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