Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Right, you all knew it was coming…I am going to have a little ramble about the genius that is Mr David Lynch! Now don’t get me wrong my love for Lynch in no way detracts from my love for Wenders and Jarmusch et al, but have you seen Twin Peaks?!.

I am sure that you’ve seen at least one of Lynch’s iconic films (if you haven’t then get a move on!)and, to be honest, I won't keep you to long by adding to the many pages of adoration he's already deservedly received. I could natter on about Eraserhead or The Elephant Man or Inland Empire or Blue Velvet or Twin Peaks but I reckon you’d be better off stopping reading this and going off to watch them…

(welcome back, good huh) So here are my Lynch highlights..Firstly, I am going to be brave and declare that my favourite Lynch film is Lost Highway. Partly thanks to Patricia Arquette’s outfits, the cracking mammoth plot twist and mainly because it has the best opening credits ever. 

 David Bowie - 'Deranged' Yes!
Have to also briefly mention Lynch’s early short films which are super dark to say the least (surprise, surprise) and definitely worth checking out. A particularly dark but interesting film is The Grandmother which cost $7200 to make and combines short film with live action, and animation. This silent film tells the story of a boy who grows a Grandmother to escape neglect and abuse and it has an amazing soundtrack by a band called Tractor. The Grandmother won awards at film festivals and earned Lynch, with his sound man David Splet, scholarships to the AFI Film Program…and the rest was history so they say.

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