Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Paris, Texas - Wim Wenders - 1984

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that jazz. Been kept busy with a few tricky side line projects. Heads up coming this weekend though!

In the meantime, I highly recommend you go watch...

Paris, Texas (1984) was directed by legendary German director Wim Wenders, who started filmmaking during the rise of New German Cinema in the late 60’s, has worked with some super talented writers such as Sam Shepard who wrote this film. Guitarist Ry Cooder’s soundtrack for this film is stunningly atmospheric. The album’s opening title track and its closer, “Dark Was the Night,” (originally by Blind Willie Johnson) is ghostly simple as are the plots, well-crafted dialogue and characterisation in this smashing film. 

What’s particularly striking about Wender’s films is the stunning cinematography. Wenders collaborated with the great Robbie Muller whose unglossy lighting and strong framing encourages focus on the settings and the fascinating characters in Wender’s films. 

Linking back to an earlier post, Wender’s gave a young Jim Jarmusch 40 minutes of unused stock. Talent spots talent! If you’ve watched any Jarmusch films you will probably have already recognised the similarities between the work of these two directors. Both usually meditate on the subject of human relations with the self, each other and their locations; create a sense of isolation and have really impressive soundtracks. Anyhow enough from me getting all film studenty...go make up your own minds and enjoy the film!

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