Sunday, 28 April 2013


Maiko Gubler is a visual artist working with digital modeling tools in imagery and sculpture. His intriguing use of luminsce colour and contorted shapes are really striking.

Friday, 12 April 2013


At the Felicities Press night I enjoyed meeting the lovely Sini Moilanen, the talented designer behind upcoming fashion label Tramp in Disguise, whose AW12-13 collection instantly made me smile.

As Sini explained, this latest collection, called ’Arabian Nights’, is inspired by the book One Thousand and One Nights. 

You don't have to know or love the tales (although I do) to be mesmerised by this collection. The combination of structures, layers and draping and use of sumptuous fabrics, such as an amazing variety of silks, make these stunning garments a desirable anecdote to the gloom of Britain, transporting you away to balmy Arabian evenings that are a far cry from these April showers.

In an eye-catching palette of jewel toned pinks and blues, this striking collection includes some unique prints featuring daggers (for executing the king´s wives), pottery and bottles (containing captured spirits), arches, doorways, mosques, minarets, statues, Arabic tiles, architectural geometric patterns, Arab and belly dancing clothing.

What particularly struck me were the panelled full length dresses that showcased the prints and colours in a simple silhouette. Their bold shape gives a sense of power and mystery to the wearer that's rather like an Arabian Queen, and who doesn't want to feel like an Arabian Queen.

The structured metallic jacket - reminiscent of a glowing moon or silver offerings, bold shape of the cropped jackets and trousers and inclusion of tassels, contrasts with the uniformity of the patterns and jewel tones used throughout. Feeling playful and modern, these garments seem to punctuate the collection; Ancient tales meets modern city life.

With her latest collection Sini's telling a story as captivating as the one that inspired the collection.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


This year the seasons seem to be inaptly replicating a wobbly band reunion much like Girls Aloud; not sure if they want to come back as a group, or even as individuals, or even at all ever. Who knows! Fans get the odd glimmer of hope in the form of a cheeky little appearance from the sun, but it remains short lived and unflinchingly bitterly cold - not unlike behind the scenes at Girls Aloud HQ (I'd imagine).

At least it's sunny!

Spring has officially sprung, well that is if you go by the date on the calendar or consider that the clocks have gone forward. Like concord, this year's changing seasons are failing to get off the ground and aren't likely fly us into Summer anytime soon. Better off getting a flight to warmer climes. Sorry, but it's true.

It appears that the Season's merriest, and most anticipated star's running late. Rumour has it, Spring's apologised and hinted at an attempt to make an appearance around September time having aimed to swap with Summer but Summer's gone on holiday to the Maldives (permanently. This is partly due to ongoing conflicts with Winter. Autumn needs some leaves to shed before it can get started so Winter continues to be overly enthusiastic, like the person who chooses the "Hell Freezes Over" version of Hotel California at karaoke. Total mood killer.

So folks, it appears that we are going to be hanging out in post-winter for a little longer. One solution is to invest in a road trip and get out of this morbid British climate. Churn up the roads of America's mid-west, bottle of bourbon in hand, looking for trouble. If the wallet won't stretch to a long-haul flight and Chevy rental then it looks like we're turning to the good ol' movie film.

Some total winner's are... 


This is the Terence Mallick film that meant audiences were willing to overlook the horrific boob that was an English Patient. When it comes to offering a nostalgic atmosphere full of piercing intensity, Merrick a good bet when on form. This is his best, so put all your money here. A winning road movie if ever there was one.

Paris, Texas

This film is so good that when the credits role you briefly feel a little sorry for all film makers who aren't Wenders. With Paris, Texas, Wenders really set the bar for poignant U.S road movies, thanks in a large part to ridiculously brilliant cinematography and an incredible performance by the master that is Harry Dean Stanton.

True Romance
Surely everybody's seen and loved this. Directed by that film maker dude Tony Scott, with a great screenplay from Tarantino, in this gem of a romantic crime film, Slater and Arquette play one of the coolest and most loveable couples to have graced our screens. Those outfits are perfection! Modern day Bonnie and Clyde, but amped up to an extent that recreates that time before crawling out of a warehouse party at 6am, a time you don't remember but know in your pit that you'd like to go back to again. Take a pro-plus (or whatever's your solution) and go back to this film over and over.

Vanishing Point 

I don't drive, but if I did I would want to drive a Dodge Viper in the manner of Kowalski in this film. 'Everybody's after Kowalski' in Spencer's pure cheesefest of a road movie. Some great cars and cracking chase scenes here.Just listen to that trailer's narrator.Gold.

MORE. Winter's looong and these are all worth watching too...

Natural Born Killers - O Brother, Where Art Thou? - My Own Private Idaho - Thelma and Louise -Planes, Trains and Automobiles - Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia -Kalifornication - Y Tu Mamá También - It Happened One Night - Transamerica - Bonnie and Clyde - Rain Man - The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

If you don't fancy staring at a screen then you could always read a book, or kindle if you really must. Steinbeck's touching tale of his travels with his poodle in Travels with Charlie or quintessential road movie, Kerouac's On the Road are solid options *warning: read, don't watch the film!

So wrap up warm and head off on a journey into warm air and sunnier skies.