Friday, 12 April 2013


At the Felicities Press night I enjoyed meeting the lovely Sini Moilanen, the talented designer behind upcoming fashion label Tramp in Disguise, whose AW12-13 collection instantly made me smile.

As Sini explained, this latest collection, called ’Arabian Nights’, is inspired by the book One Thousand and One Nights. 

You don't have to know or love the tales (although I do) to be mesmerised by this collection. The combination of structures, layers and draping and use of sumptuous fabrics, such as an amazing variety of silks, make these stunning garments a desirable anecdote to the gloom of Britain, transporting you away to balmy Arabian evenings that are a far cry from these April showers.

In an eye-catching palette of jewel toned pinks and blues, this striking collection includes some unique prints featuring daggers (for executing the king´s wives), pottery and bottles (containing captured spirits), arches, doorways, mosques, minarets, statues, Arabic tiles, architectural geometric patterns, Arab and belly dancing clothing.

What particularly struck me were the panelled full length dresses that showcased the prints and colours in a simple silhouette. Their bold shape gives a sense of power and mystery to the wearer that's rather like an Arabian Queen, and who doesn't want to feel like an Arabian Queen.

The structured metallic jacket - reminiscent of a glowing moon or silver offerings, bold shape of the cropped jackets and trousers and inclusion of tassels, contrasts with the uniformity of the patterns and jewel tones used throughout. Feeling playful and modern, these garments seem to punctuate the collection; Ancient tales meets modern city life.

With her latest collection Sini's telling a story as captivating as the one that inspired the collection.

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