Wednesday, 16 March 2016


As I fast approach the big 30 I have found myself nostalgically listening to music from my past (way to go to make myself sound ancient) and a particularly pleasant recent rediscovery has been The Raveonettes.

Those stylish danes had my heart in knots from the very first moment I listened to Sune Rose Wagner and Safrin Rose (those names!). I was captivated by their kinda coordinated and deeply harmonised monochrome cool. Their 60's references and Velvet Underground and Blondie inspo was right up my alley.

Safrin Foo was and still is the queen of the fringe, the super straight peroxide bob and wins every cheekbone game. I was crushing on her so hard back then and not much has changed. She's bloody immaculate, just look!..

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


The fashion weeks have just been flying by in a blur and as the temperatures creeps (VERY) slowly up our gaze is on what we will be covering our bodies in after summer has been and gone.

Here are some pretty great collections to get us excited about the next chillier seasons...

New York

NYC  presented a slightly underwhelming fashion week tbh but there were  a few gems. Rebecca  Minkoff proved monochrome is still matter of fact and that floating into autumn will be awesome.

Launched by Central Saint Martin's alumnus Han Chong, Self-Portrait made us re-think hemlines and clashing patterns to keep it interesting during the darker months. All hail the continuation of the cropped trouser over boot combo.


I may now live in Paris but London still makes my fashion heart beat the fastest.

Peter Jensen made us shout 'I want' once again with popping primary colours and the perfect accessory - black Converse All Stars.

The pleating and prints at Fyodor Golan felt modern but also offered a dominance reminiscent of great masterpieces.

Mary Benson's attention grabbing late 90's punk-pop gig inspired ensembles were neon bright, baggy and sometimes stripy. All for feeling 15 again minus the acne and anxiety.

Images courtesy of We Are Village.