Friday, 30 March 2012

Monday, 19 March 2012

Joseph Cornell: The Gift in the Box

Joseph Cornell is one of my favourite artists and one of the pioneers of assemblage. He was influenced by the Surrealists and also worked as an avant-garde experimental filmmakerIn his collage films Cornell assembled  found footage.

Cornell’s most famous for his enchanting boxed assemblages. 
As a magpie who loves all kinds of bric a brac I have always been fascinated by Cornell’s intriguing boxes. Reminiscent of receiving a present or uncovering an old box in a thrift shop or attic, it’s exciting to encompass his assemblages of what were once beautiful and precious objects and photographs. Cornell brought unwanted items back to life within a constructive context by capturing a magical sense of nostalgia and creating a story which he then presented within a simple box.

I have used Cornell's work as inspiration for many projects since discovering it in an old art book whilst at school. I was beyond excited when I discovered that the brilliant writer Jonathan Safran Froer was also  inspired by his work and to such an extent  that he produced an anthology about it. 'A Convergence of Birds' is a collection of work by a variety of writers that include Rick Moody, Joyce Carol Oates, Siri Hstvedt, Robert Pinsky, Lydia Davis, plus others, each inspired by one of Cornell’s boxes.


Cornell was a magician in that he could make something out of nothing, and something quite special at that. In his introduction, Froer sums up the magic of Cornell's work perfectly, "A gift of a gift of a gift."

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chloe Sevigny

I knew I’d forget someone in my previous post about stylish girls in film. I forgot someone so stylish that I feel the need to give this actress her own post to make up for it.


The Chloe Sevigny collection for opening ceremony is amazing!

Indie actress extraordinaire, fashion muse and style comedian. Chloe Sevigny is a constant source of inspiration both on...
Trees Lounge

Boys Don't Cry
kids best movies ever chloe sevigny curt johnson

 and off screen...

Just to cement her status as one of the coolest actrsesse on the block right now , let it be known that she owns the denim jacket that Linda Manz wore in Out of the Blue. Jealous!
Here's to Chloe! May she long go on to amaze us all with her style...

Stately Fashion: Dolce & Gabanna – A/W 12

This collection totally blew me away. Now that the sun’s started to make an appearance here in London I have started hatching plans for day trips to the countryside and fully intend making the most of my National Trust membership by visiting beautiful old stately houses and gardens this summer.

What does any of this have to do with Dolce and Gabanna? Well, this stunning collection just screams regal heritage. The cherubs, roses, tapestry, tiaras and gold buttons evoke images of grand stately homes and English country gardens. D&G presented good old fashioned decadence and opulence in the form of Rubens paintings, luxurious gold gilting and ott tapestries.  This indulgence and the references to the past really made this collection stand out after seeing a lot of minimalism on catwalks over the past few seasons. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fashion + Females + Film

Films provide a wealth of style inspiration but have you ever asked the question, who are the most stylish female characters on film? Here are my nominations!..

Patricia Arquette - True Romance  

& Lost Highway 

Cate Blanchett - Coffee & Ciarettes

Nina Ricci - Buffalo 66 
Buffalo '66 Buffalo 66 (1998)

Natalie Portman - Leon  

Louise Brooks - Pandora's Box

Shannyn Sossamon - The Rules of Attraction

Winona Ryder - Mermaids

& Girl Interrupted 

& Beetlejuice

could go on...

Natassja Kinski - Paris, Texas

Fairuza Balk - The Craft 

Audrey Tatou - Coco before Chanel

& Amelie

Anna Karina - Vivre Sa Vie

& Bande De Part

& L'Armour 

Monica Vitti - Red Desert

& L'Eclisse 

This list could probably be longer and I may add to it in future. Also have a few stylish film inspired outfit posts in the pipeline. 

Let's not forget the guys either - I'll cover them in another post. Until then check out some of the films above and be inspired by these very stylish females.