Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Spring Some Fashion

Entering February always feels like entering the dramatic climax to winter. The chapter where dreams - or shall we say resolutions - are broken; a cold blast before the fresh hopes of Spring bloom and change is inevitable and exciting. So what better time to check out some of the fashion talent that's waiting out there in the wings to take over the stage this Spring. 
Literary metaphors and borderline poetic ramblings aside, let's talk fashion and best of all underground labels that are as refreshing as winter sunshine (can't stop sorry)...

First up is Black Milk...
Here's a label that's really causing a stir at the moment with geeky graphic stand out pieces ranging from amazing skeleton swimsuits, cat body suits, intergalactic leggings to a Steve Buscemi Dress! Black Milk create clothes that need to be seen to be believed!


Norwegian Wood are label that are consistently exciting and create clothes and jewellery that are so dramatic they're guaranteed to put a spring in your step. This label first caught everyone's attention with their corset and fringed skirts and bondage-esque harnesses loved by bloggers and fashionistas everywhere including trend mistresses Susie Bubble from Style Bubble and Queen Michelle from Kingdom of Style.

This February, Montreal based designer Abbie Johnson is set to bring us a unique collection that includes a stunning mix up of textures, from mesh to leather, an infusion of pattern and delicious colour. Inventive and oh so hip  it hurts these pieces will transform you from wallflower to exotic bloom this coming Spring.  

Norwegian Wood's marvellous creations are available on etsy and in flagship Topshops.

Equally exciting and similarly edgy is Me&Yu. This one's for guys and gals alike as their fun t-shirts are eye catching, a little tongue in cheek and unisex.  Check out their amazing new look book for evidence. These pieces will make great presents to steal back from the other half.  Perfect for making people smile as we wait for those sunny evenings and great to layer under one of their equally fun handmade sweaters. Their Spring '12 collection totally indulges the current micro-trend obsession with tie dye too. Just yes!

There you have it folks! It's time to grab a piece of brave fashion and saunter into Spring with a fashion savvy swagger. See you there!

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