Tuesday, 3 January 2012

January Films

January is an eerie month in which we recover from the hedonism of the Christmas and New Year holidays and settle, with trepidation, into the dark and bleak opening to a new year. A little unnerving, a little depressing; why not indulge your melancholy and watch some of the most haunting cinema available. Here are three masterpieces to get your (chattering) teeth into... 

Set in bleak, nineteen-eighties Berlin, Andrzej Zulawski's atmospheric masterpiece is truly disturbing. This film portrays the psyches' submergence into dark mental breakdown and stars the stunningly talented Isabel Adjani. Intensified by one of the most haunting film soundtracks out there, this is a challenging cinematic experience that leaves you shaken but sure that you've just witnessed film making at its peak.

Pier Palo Pasolini's masterpiece about a divine figure's visit to an upper-midle class Italian family is incredibly powerful, exceptional cinema. The divine force offers each family member a transcendental experience which results in each members collapse after his departure. Pasolini conjures a sense of desolation which acknowledges his Marxism and atheism, but this film is widely symbolic remaining open ended and mysterious. One of the great talents of Italian cinema, Pasolini takes you on a cinematic journey that will leave you gripped by questions and grasping for meaning. This is one of my favourite films.

Let's not forget Roman Polanski's beyond creepy British psychological horror film starring the legendary Catherine Deneuve who delivers an outstanding performance as a beautiful young woman spiralling into psychosis. This film is an absolute rollercoaster ride into a heightened world of desire, horror and, well... repulsion. 

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