Friday, 6 January 2012


                 Height 6'1 Suit 38L Shirt 15 Waist 31" Inseam 33" Shoes 11 Hair Blond Eyes Green

A very girly and lazy post sorry; but how could I not share some pictures of the stunning Bradley Soileau. 

Currently on top of his game, Solieau first came to my attention modelling Jil Sanders latest men's collection in Wonderland magazine (great mag), and having just stolen the show in Lana Del Ray's new video(meh)he's definitely the new model du jour. 
Not your average Ghandi style smooth commercial model hunk; Soileau may be a little niche, with his slightly slimmer build and all those tattoos, but he's still pretty mesmerising and surprisingly versatile having appeared in a range of amazing editorials starting with Japan Vogue. 

Admittedly this post is totally biased as slim tattooed floppy haired, slim featured men have always been my weakness - who can blame me really? Yes, I am of that 90's generation who spent their teens listening to Less than Jake and Blink 182; cooing over pictures of Travis Barker. Soileau has that can party all night, skate all day and romance a hangover into submission charm.

Whether tattoos and skateboards float(ed)your boat or not, you have to admit he's pretty damn special or at the very least a little interesting. Enjoy the pics, I know I will!

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