Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Starman!

Born in 1947 as David Jones in Brixton, London, David Bowie is a musical icon and a fashion legend, as lifelong fans we wanted to pay a little homage to the ultimate style and music chameleon on his 65th Birthday. 

 It's tempting to go on and on about David's influence on music, fashion, pop culture...but there's plenty of bio's, articles and opinions out there to sink your teeth into.

Just listen to this collaboration with Brian Eno!

The amazing editorial in the French Vogue, January 2011, music issue (a repeat of British Vogue 2003) in which Kate Moss models David Bowie's most iconic stage outfits demonstrates his status as one of the cult fashion icons...

(Let's end on a little bit of Bowie trivia) David's most consistent trademark look...

As a teenager attending Bromley Technical High School  he got into a fight over a girl with his friend, George Underwood.  Underwood was wearing a ring and caused permanent damage to Bowie’s eye. David had multiple surgeries to prevent blindness and his left eye is permantly damaged. His pupil dilated giving the appearance of being a different colour than his right giving David Bowie his trademark look of his right eye appearing blue and the left brown.

K: I grew up listening to David Bowie. My dad used to sing 'Life on Mars' to help me sleep as a child and he constantly lead a family singalong in the car. Growing up and now as a (cough) adult, I am very much aware of his influence on my love of dressing up and if I need cheering up the first record I will reach for is a David Bowie record. Thanks David! 

He wasn't too serious!

I am saving talking about Bowie's films for another time because there's too much epicness to squeeze onto the end of this post.

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