Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I rarely talk about beauty products and like to think I’m fairly low maintenance. If I remember then I will use toner and body oil but sometimes it’s a quick soap and water situ and that’s fine by me – there’s little an emergency face mask can’t clear up right. I get about two to three facials a year and that keeps things ticking over. Anyhow, I’ve been asked to share what I use and stand by so here you go…

Smells amazing, feels amazing, natural and lasts.

Can get this from stalls, online. I struggle with shower gels and have regular allergic reactions so this is a safe bet and smells so clean (which is good).

When the winter chill leaves your nose redder than Rudolph’s this does the trick.

Started using this when I was about twenty and have rarely had any skin outbreaks since. This is a must.

Oily faced people rejoice. This mops things up nicely and is super gentle.

Certainly not cheap but for those times when your eyes sockets re darker than Helena Bonham- Carter’s post lash this is a miracle worker.

A lifesaver for anybody with long thick hair.

Same as above.

I love rose oil and this smells amazing.

Another anti-aging product. This is just the right thickness to soak in overnight without leaving a layer and it leaves my skin feeling softer come morning. Oh, and its’ £1.99 from Aldi.

I’ve been using this for years (judge away) and it’s good. Soothing and seems to work as I should be worse considering the amount of frowning and squinting at computer screens I do all day.

Yep a proper old lady product but I love the smell of lavender and this helps me to sleep.

Smells not too much and it soaks in well.

Yep pretty old school again but I love a good musk and this one’s super floral.

I buy mine off a lady on Greenwich market but you can get it from loads of places. I don’t have to moisturise everyday but use this as a luxurious top up once or twice a week. It helps with dicolouration, flaky elbows, nails and has a comforting subtle smell.

I don’t tend to wear foundation everyday as I prefer to let my skin breath but this is easily my favourite as it’s light and non – greasy.

Lovely colour, subtle consistency and it smells lovely.

I’ve been using this for contouring for years and it’s great. It’s matte nad not as sparkly as other brozers which I prefer.

I don’t need to explain why.

I am a bit obsessed with my eyebrows but they do frame the face and when you have good brows you can get away with less slap. So no apology here. I couldn’t choose between these two because they’re both excellent.

Another product I’ve been using for years and it must be good to cover up my eye bags.

I find mint a bit much in the morning so I’ve started using this and it’s working a treat.

Chanel No. 5 

So there you have it. Please note, these all suit me (oily skin, long thick hair, sensitive skin) but everybody’s different so it’ worth looking into what suits your hair and skin type.

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