Wednesday, 22 January 2014


The bags you get at Beara Beara (available here) are and certainly look beautifully crafted. Crafted from robust cows-hide in Bolivia no less and by a skilled range of craftsmen. The embossing and tapestry is just some pretty stunning icing on a masterfully baked cake. In short: they're amazing. 

This label, launched in September 2011, is definitely a front runner when it comes to unique looking HIGH quality bags that will become everyday staples. They're also on a pretty accessible pricing scale when you consider the level of quality and the cost per wear you'll get from the leather.The added bonus is that purchasing these bags is a kind of show of support for craftmanship and quality, which is important in a time where things are being treated as increasingly disposable. 

I went to see a watch repairer the other day to get my 60's Timex wind fixed. He was like Mr Geppetto but from Pakistan rather than Italy and surrounded by cogs, bezels and crowns rather than puppets. His tiny workshop behind Shepherd's Bush market it enchanting but also made me sad to think how few and far between these skilled people are. Re-sole shoes, have a silver smith fix that necklace and buy and love items that are well crafted - that's my 2014 mantra and I'm kicking it off by purchasing one of these bags! 

I'll be sharing some more skilled crafts people's work over next twelve month's so keep your eye's peeled.

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