Friday, 24 February 2012

Marni for H&M

Before I unleash some very exciting London Fashion Week AW12 coverage I just wanted to stop by to express my excitement for the launch of the long awaited Marni collection for H&M which drops on the 8th March. 

This one is definitely my favourite H&M designer collaborations so far. There are some striking separates in this collection showcasing an eclectic mix of prints. The menswear is also very nice indeed and I think the metallic heeled shoe and one of the polka dot skirts needs to be in my wardrobe come summer. Check it out!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Foodie February

For me February has been all about 2 things - fashion and food. London Fashion week news is coming soon, so in the meantime, let's talk about food or fashion fuel as I like to call it. I LOVE eating out and have quite literally eaten my way around the capital this month so Ithought I would share my experiences of some of London’s abundance of restaurants and Cafes…

(I can’t eat dairy so any dairy recommendations are via friends who of course have exquisite taste)
I was very excited about trying out London’s latest uber hip burger joint because it had received a lot of recommendations and good reviews. Fortunately it lived up to the hype and it was well worth queieng in the snow (no bookings) for these amazing burgers. As if those burgers aren’t enough there’s also onion rings the size of a fist, cider cocktails and a boisterous yet relaxed atmosphere to enjoy. And boy did we enjoy this place!
Another day another burger. I have visited4 out of the 5 of these Diners (not in one month!) and although the burgers aren’t quite meat and liquor quality the atmosphere is consistently fun and retro and the sweet potato fries are yummy. The boozy cocktails are also pretty immense!
This place is always pretty busy and ditto it’s bro in Covent Garden but it’s unsurprising considering the fast service and assortment of tasty Mexican Street food on offer.
This place is tucked away on Parkway and is a hidden gem. The décor’s a bit kitsch and the owner is definitely characterful and likes to play pranks but this all adds to the relaxed atmosphere. The menu offers delicious authentic Lebanese fare that includes Homos Kebbeh, Falafel and a huge range of grilled meats. Not one to break the bank either.
If it’s cheap and tasty pizza you’re after in a relaxed atmosphere with pleasant staff then this place will do the trick. A very chilled place.
Mien Tay, Kingsland Road
Actually regretting not going here sooner as it was a revelation. I personally much prefer Vietnamese food to Chinese and embrace unusual and varied menus so this place was heaven. We feasted on Quail, Goat and Frogs legs (I spent my formative years living in France) and when the bill came we almost fainted. It was SO CHEAP! If we’d brought our own booze it would have been cheaper than eating at home. Any excuse not to cook.
A popular choice for hearty grub on a Sunday. They weren’t taking bookings so the Maitre D’ offered to text when a table became vacant. 15 minutes of strolling around the market later we were sat by a window watching the busy shoppers and sipping a good selection of pale ale and ciders. The food was hearty and very English. Overall it was filling and quite tasty. A good location makes it a fair choice for a long lazy Sunday lunch.
Boundary is a bit stuffy but this café is always buzzing and it’s no surprise with a menu full of English classics such as Rabbit Stew, Kedgeree and Crumble. This is also a great choice for (hungover) weekend brekkies as there’s a fine selection to choose from.
As an ex-vegetarian (8 years) and dairy intolerant this vegetarian café  is  a favourite for its great selection of vegetarian dishes. My particular favourite is their dairy free ice cream which comes in  a bonkers range of flavours. The location on the canal is also buzzy yet picturesque.

Food notes;
  • The Palestinian falafel at Mr Falafel in Shepherds Bush is too good
  • The Vietnamese coffee at Broadway market is delish
  • Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free cakes that are still scrummy at Sugargrain, Borough Market. 

That’s February well and truly consumed. March is going to bring a few trips to recommended restaurants including the Lucky Chip residency at the Sebright Arms, a venture to Brixton Market and up North to Manchester, a ganders at the Soho Feast and some exploration into the world of Pie and Mash.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Good old Valentine's day is here again. It's become crystal clear that unless I hide on the moon (I would if I could)I can't ignore it. Pink fluffy hearts make me uneasy and the stuff I will witness on my facebook and twitter feeds will probably make me sick in my mouth multiple times throughout the day. I am not a romantic sorry. Actually I'm not even sorry. Since all the couples will already have plans that mostly involve performing OTT PDA’s all over the outside world I am going to focus on those who are often overlooked; the alone and those who want to be alone. After all, someone has too. The only sensible plan is to stay indoors with a hefty dose of cake, liquor and dark/controversial/funny/obscure viewing pleasures (no I don't mean porn but if that's what'll get you through...)

Anyway, here are my alternative  recommendations...

ALONE: Last thing you need is One Day or Marley and Me so here are some films devoid of heart warming sentimentality to watch alone, with your cat or your imaginary friend this Valentines.

Harold & Maude - the blackest of black comedies about a romance between a 19 year old who's obssessed with mortality and a 79 year old.

Heathers - a teen film about when a guy and girl meet and go on an “accidental” killing spree.

Maniac - crazy tubby guy with 80's mustache going about the city slaying various women, scalping them, and then nailing their scalps to his collection of mannequins.

WANT TO BE ALONE: Valentines can often strike panic rather than love into many hearts. The day approaches and the pressure gathers and before you know it you've gone and agreed to spend the evening with the first desperado who comes along. Often this can result in either instant regret or a long uncomfortable evening. Equally the pressure of Valentines day can often make people prolong a relationship that should have been shot like a dead duck a long time ago. Either way, Valentines is a hard/bad time to openly reject another person so there needs to be a plan. Put one of these on...

Fatal Attraction - the ultimate film about regretful encounters going wrong at the expense of an innocent bunny rabbit. If this doesn't have the unrequited running for the hills then accompany it with some hearty rabbit stew.

Blue Valentine - this dark and depressing tale about the slow and painful deterioration of a marriage will put you and your date off relationships for a very long time

Revolutionary Road - this film will send even the most conventional of folks running to an alternative lifestyle centre, convent, monastery, kibbutz, commune...

There you have it. Happy Valentines everybody!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Flashing Brights on Neon Lights

Today's little fashion post's inspired by two things...the vintage yellow jumper I'm sporting today in celebration of the sun coming out and winning a Cambridge Satchel - wanted one for ages! Used to have a leather satchel when I was ten which I covered in Snoopy stickers. Anyway, I decided to put together a few outfits inspired by the neon Cambridge Satchels. Neon is once again having a moment this season and what a cheerful trend for Spring!

Neon Lights on Flashing Brights
Acne's neutral essentials make a great backdrop for neon accessories whilst labels like Wildfox and Christopher Kane have really embraced super bright colour in previous collections. Acid bright blinding highlighter quote Charlie Sheen, 'What's not to love!'