Thursday, 1 March 2012

London Fashion Week - Part 1: Jewellery

Cat ring - Fine by Tatty Devine
London Fashion week went by in a hectic blur, hence this post being a little behind schedule. It would be neon impossible to talk about all the amazing designers and collections in one go and there's such an abundance of stunning new fashion treats, waiting in the wings for show time this Autumn, it seems only sensible to share the over time so not too feel more overwhelmed than a child at Christmas. Best to do the fash-ological thing slowly so not to cause a fashion overload coma and this way we get to prolonge the excitement. Let's start with jewellery for a change. Why? Because this Autumn/Winter jewellery will be taking second stage; no longer content with adorning beautiful garments accessories will be taking over and dominating our looks next season. Jewellery is always a good conversation starter so let's begin...
Moth Brooch - Tatty Devine A/W 12
Tatty Devine never fail to cause little cries of joy with their imaginative and flamboyant jewellery. Their more luxurious new label Fine by Tatty Devine delivers a range of exquisite pieces that should appear on any Birthday, Anniversary, random pressie list. From pretty gold acrobats to that must have moustache ring this is subtle jewellery that on closer inspection packs a punch. Now onto their main collection... the new Tatty  Devine AW12 range  is unsurprisingly experimental, inspiring and characteristically fun. Very English, Autumnal and with a classic English edge this collection was inspired by the idea of roaming in the garden of an English stately home, encompassing endless beauty but uncovering a dark edge.Pieces that depict the beautiful moth that is on closer inspection a death moth and the beautiful berries that are actually poisonous. This collection is all about natures gophic dark beauty and is totally enchanting!
Leather gloves - collaboration between Tomasz Donocik and Emma J Shipley 
Bracelet by Tomasz Donocik
Polish born jewellery designer Tomasz Donocik commenced work with Stephen Webster upon graduating from The Royal College of Art and his fine schooling has lead to collections that contain strong, statement jewellery that's both stunning and ultra wearable. Donocik creates masculine adornment that women love because of it's exquisite detail coupled with a tough aesthetic that also spearheads it's unisex appeal. This is jewellery for the brave fashion conqueror male, female or other. As if his new collection was not enough (just wait and see!) what really got people (aka me) hot under the collar is his upcoming collaboration with Emma J Shipley. The result is a range of gloves that combine an urban worn aesthetic with the softest most luxurious leather that is guaranteed to make wrists shreak with joy when the frost starts to bite.
Naomi Campbell modelling Fannie Schiavoni for Alexandra Vauthier

Next up is a designer who's so powerful, pioneering and influential that it is difficult to express how astounding her work is in the flesh - or should that be metal? Coveted by the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna even before graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2009 Fannie Schiavoni had already captured imaginations. Unsurprising considering how her background in tailoring influenced her approach to accessories- creating strong metalwork that empowers the simplest of outfits outfit. Her chain mail body pieces, necklaces and even full length skirts have been designed to dominate and modernise.

               Finger print and Ear Necklaces by Kyle Hopkins
Kyle Hopkins is as inspiring in real life as the pieces he creates and his enthusiasm and ideas are truly captivating. It's pretty hard not to be intrigued and drawn in by a collection that consists of finger prints, lips and ears. This collection is strikingly surreal but when talking to Kyle it becomes apparent that it is also very personal. The intriguing small ears are those of his little sister, the lips made from a mould of his first kiss and the fingerprints belong to his mother. Inspired by the geanologivcal theory of Foucalt amongst many other experimental influences, Kyle designs jewellery from ideas and personal experiences bringing life to jewellery. Kyle adds a personal touch that comes from the artist rather than the consumer who gets to contribute to these pieces by developing their story. Purchasing jewellery has traditionally meant buying pieces of precious metal and jewells that become part of a personal history but what Kyle offers are pieces that come with a personal world that can be transferred to your own sentimentality as his bio says 'the range will be seen by each customer from a different perspective. And in the work she will find a story of her own.' Now that's inspiring! Check out his A/W 12 lookbook!

To finsh is Bark British made jewellery brand. Designer Miwako Yoshioka delivers the sweetest and most intriguing designs. The knot neclaces are stunning and the love ship rings are magically subtle. There are pieces to suit any taste or style and anything from this very pretty collection would add quirk and beauty to any look. 

So there you have it. Part one of many from London Fashion Week. Acessorising is not just an aded extra but rather a statement. Jewellery is like punctuation to an outfit as it enables a look to be communicated more effectively. These coollections include innovative and inspiring designs that are often exclamation marks and just crying out to be loved, worn and appreciated everyday this Autumn! 

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