Monday, 14 November 2011

Getaway Style: Theadora Van Runkle

At risk of this blog starting to look like a fashion obituaries page I must mention Costume Designer extraordinaire, Theadora Van Runkle, who sadly passed away last week . You may be asking who? Even if you don’t know the name you will be aware of the film Bonnie and Clyde and the styles worn by and Dunaway. The styling in Bonnie Parker’s  1967 film is so slick, so chic, so French new wave. 
I can’t remember when I first saw the film and witnessed Dunaway's portrayal of the ultimate gun moll but I have been obsessed with bobbed hair, berets and collecting silk scarfs ever since. Despite the film being made in the mini loving 60’s Von Runkle bought longer hemlines into the spotlight. Very current with fashion’s love for skirts of the midi, pencil and maxi persuasion this season. Let’s also note Von Runkle’s use of hats, the chic Burberry-esque beret and the fedora worn by our Clyde is so Gucci Autumn/Winter 2011.  The gentle layering and warm muted colours make these the perfect Autumn styles. What Von Runkle created were iconic looks that, so chic that they transcend any era. She also had a pretty interesting life. Thank you Theadora for showing us all how to look classy every Autumn and most importantly getaway in style. 
P.S - Let's not forgot a certain Gainsbourg and Bardot song.

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