Friday, 11 July 2014


                           Jack Le Cluzat - Reading at Saint Germain des Prés

I am pretty crap at taking pictures. Most of the time I forget to take any and then when I do they're usually of my finger or shoes. I was once asked to do my own photography at London fashion week and, fortunately for my editor, I am happy to accept my failings and sought assistance. Better stick to the words. 

Photography is such a precious skill; a single image can capture and shout what a 1000 words can't quite grasp or whisper and the documentation of life shapes history and how (and if) we remember things. As with writing I admire all types of photographer from the photojournalist risking life and limb to capture the truth or fashion editorials that shaped an era. I have drawers full of notebooks but not enough pictures so I am making it my mission to take photographs when I spend August in Berlin and Paris . I am certainly no Brassai but heh ho I'll have a go...

Matthias Heiderich

Oh and this place reopened

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