Thursday, 24 July 2014


Mostyn is a great gallery in lovely Llandudno. I spent a lot of time in Llandudno growing up and love visiting the Orm and this gallery in particular. They have recently teamed up with Artes Mundi to host the UK premiere of Broomberg and Chanarin’s latest work, Divine Violence

Holy Bible, Broomberg & Chanarin

Broomberg and Channarin were inspired whilst visiting the Bertolt Brecht archives in Berlin and came across his personal bible. Having studied and been a long term fan of Brecht's (also love those archives) I can understand this. 

Brecht used his bible as a kind of notebook and in this exhibition Broomberg and Channarin look at the archiving of modern conflicts and the consideration of considers the biblical text as a parable for the growth of modern governance. They first created their own illustrated Holy Bible in book form (published by Mack 2013). 

Totally recommend this and a jaunt to Llandudno. Stroll down the promenade calippo in hand to go see an exhibition on conflict and violence. What a day trip! 

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