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Been missing in action for far too long. Ridiculously busy with new exciting projects, events etc... Anyhow, warning:it's going to get a little London centric round these parts soon with London Men's Collections, parties, events, launches galore so in the meantime I would like to concentrate attentions on another city that's close to my heart and share some of my favourite MANCUNIAN eating/mostly drinking/dancing spots.

The Soup Kitchen
If you like your food hearty and British and your drinks in the form of a real ale or cider then this is the gaff for you. A relaxed bar which has some interesting parties and performances.
(Psst - check out XXL (XIU + LARESEN) on the 24th.)

The Temple of Convenience
An ex-public lav turned bar with more character than you can shake a loo brush at. It doesn't get more quirky than this. If you like continental beer and live bands then hurry down those stairs pronto.

This Chorlton institution specialises in, yes you guessed it, the good ol' northern staple of Pies. Bloody good pies they are too. But it also has a vast selection of beer (I like beer) to sample. When in the north...

Tiger Lounge (do not confuse with Tiger Tiger - totally different ball game)
Retro, kitsch, fun and one of the best places to have a dance. The decor's Bette Lynch meets Austin Powers on acid. The drinks are lethal. What more could you possibly need?

The Deaf Institute (Trof)
One of 3 (last time I counted but feel free to correct me). The original Trof is in studentville (yup I lived there) aka Fallowfield. There's another one in the Northern Quarter, but what makes this one particularly special is the music hall that hosts a never ending selection of decent bands. It now hosts Up the Racket which used to be at Retro Bar (see below). For more info on this night ask anyone who studied/lived in Manc 08-10.
(Been informed there's a 4th Trof- will investigate and report back)

Retro Bar 
A grimy basement in an old man's pub under a multi storey car park =  some of the best nights ever. Honestly! Not sure if Becks is still £1 a bottle though?..

Common Bar
I have eaten so much Hummus and Pitta here I should have a loyalty card   really. Great parties, great DJ's and an ever changing atmosphere because the bar is also an exhibition space for local artists. I love this place. (Psst - Stop Making Sense on a Thursday...*just nodding*.)

Night and Day
Check out new bands here.It does exactly what it says on the (Boddies) tin.

Islington Mill
50 artists studios, 2 galleries, a recording studio and a club space (reminds me a little of Strongrooms, Shoreditch). Some great gigs and events, all in an old Mill-doesn't get more Mancunian than that surely.

The Dulcimer
The old local and a great place to relax and listen to some good music. Like sitting on a ship, sailing down a real ale river to fun night island.

Socio Rehab
The best Mai Thai I've ever tasted (done my research) and really friendly staff.

Star and Garter
The only place to go dancing after a cocktail too many (see above). Check out the Morrisey Disco... do it!

I could go on, but these were, from what I can remember, my main haunts. I'm no Mark E Smith lurking at the end of a bar, but I've drank in quite a lot in this cities establishments. However I no longer reside in Manc so do feel free to correct me, let me know of any knew venues, if any have gone down hill since I left (about 18 months ago) or of your own personal favourites. After all, it's good to share.

Do take note: after reading this there is no excuse to land up in Tiger Tiger. 

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