Friday, 29 June 2012


Bolshie London
Fashion feels fun, fresh and playful at the moment with so many new underground labels and designers to explore. There's a hark back to silly, grungy 90's kookiness, eclectic streetwear and graphics that's spread from the East London streets across the globe.

Katie Eary

I mean, did you see Rihanna performing at Hackney weekend on Sunday wearing a host of edgie underground labels - Kokon to Zai sunnies, Katie EaryBitching and Junkfood shorts... Regularly seen in British labels such as Boy London and Bolshie she's one of many high profile names backing fresh new labels atm. LOVE!
Kokon to Zai
A few current faves...

Ambush Design

Started in 2002 this Japanese label created a jewellery brand called Antonio Murphy & Astro that became popular because of it's tongue-in-cheek twist to the mainstream Hip Hop jewellery. Worn by the likes of Kanye West and Jay-Z no less! 

In 2008 they launched their second line AMBUSH and have collaborated with Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton, Casette Playa, Topman, and George Jensen amongst others and Rihanna (her again!) and lady Gaga are all over this stuff. This is proper statement jewellery from a label who like to push boundaries, stay diverse, experiment and, most of all, have fun whilst doing it.

Qoo Qoo

Qoo Qoo is a Latvian based brand created by a graphic designer. These prints are amazing! 

Some more amazing prints and colours courtesy of the super talented East London based designer Roberto Piqueras.

Yup, these aren't  for the faint hearted but just imagine the fun you could have wearing this stuff!
Bitching and Junkfood

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