Thursday, 29 December 2011

Recollections in a Random Pile of Old Travel Snaps

It get's to the point over the Christmas break where I get seriously itchy feet. Being at the family home for the longest period in 6 years has made it a particularly bad case this year. Today whilst clearing through all my stuff - still lying in storage - I came across this pile of old snaps from my travels around Europe. From Paris to Switzerland across France and Italy to Austria and Czech Republic to Dusseldorf and Berlin stopping in Amsterdam then Bruge on my way back to Calais and back up to North England with a heavy rucksack and a big smile. An 18 year old idealistic wannabe beat writer... 7 years on approaching 2012 and now based in London I am making adult decisions. Boredom occurs when reality masks inspiration. Next year I will base my decisions  on the dreams I had as a child looking for new adventures...

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