Tuesday, 18 October 2011


DSC00056 by KAF86
DSC00056, a photo by KAF86 on Flickr.
Well hello there! Nice to meet you and welcome to tricky customers. We're awfully glad you found us! We don't want to be lonely over here so please don't leave us hanging....come hang out! What is this place you find yourself in? This is a place for sharing all the good stuff that's knocking about out there…you know...in the world. When you visit you will find talk of lots of lovely and interesting things from little known travel destinations to swedish tea to Colombo to pretty shoes…excited?! Right, now the introductions are over, chill, have a look around and enjoy the party! Oh, and don't forget to schedule us into your diary or RSS feed as we'd love to see you gain. Let's be friends!

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