Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Go Home Roger!

Sister sister, Party of Five, California Dreams, Boy Meets World, Round the Twist, Saved by the Bell, Sweet Valley High, Clarissa, Eerie Indiana, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Blossom, Fresh Prince...I could go on...

90's youth tv was amazing wasn't it?! Clarissa's huge earrings, the California Dreams theme song, Tia and Tamara's one liners. Those were the days. Who wasn't in love with the young Matthew Fox as big bro Charlie in Party of Five or the smoldering Drazik from Heart Break High, swoon. 

Why can't they just put it all on a channel now? Oh yeah, because some of us twenty somethings would possibly stop going out and would just sit around in a tie dye t, dungarees, hoops and DMs...good times! 

Whilst on the subject of 90's clothing has anyone else noticed that 90's fashions is having a bit of a resurgence at the moment? I know, you can't miss it really. It seems to have kicked off with the return of the mighty Doc Martins and it's not surprising. Who doesn't love the classic 90's grunge look of dungarees and plaid shirts, Courtney Love inspired baby doll mesh dresses with smudged red lips and now the slightly more controversial late 90's look being championed by the likes of Pixie Geldoff and friends - net tops and Buffalo boots anyone? It's all perfect festival wear, as the key to 90's fashion is looking undone and a little bit grubby after all, but the layering also makes it great trans seasonal wear. Pass me the velour for winter please. Velvet scrunchies line the counter in Brick Lane Rokit stores, hair is being bleached and dyed an array of colours (remember hair mascara?) and play suits are again a high street staple. I'm not sure I'd go as far as a pair of pedal pushers but who doesn't enjoy throwing on a denim jacket and indulging in a little teen rebellion from time to time?!

What was your favourite 90's teen show or fashion?


  1. Omg forgot about hair mascara!! I used to have electric blue.. how cool?!

  2. Remember the green one. It looked like someone had sneezed in your hair. Still, would prob go for some now! Fun!(: