Sunday, 19 April 2015


So on this sunny Sunday morning I thought I'd make a list of things I am liking a lot this week. The weather's been hot hot hot so I'm feeling all summery. Cue the coconut drinks and Raybans...

Cathedrals hail from San Fran and make the kind of swirly wurly dream pop that makes you feel like you are in a dreamy Baz Lurman film montage.

As is the case with every collection, once again I find myself desiring everything from Lazy Oaf's Summer 2015 collection. Especially this minty tropical dress and cap. How could you not enjoy summer wearing these! 

I've just returned from a very lovely few days on the Jade Coast via Nantes (France) and time on the beach has made me start thinking summer footwear. There will always be my trusty birkenstocks (hippy lesbian shoes as the boyf calls them) and Havaianas but I have been craving something more pump like. This is when the espadrille saves the day.

 These light and chic little rope shoes are 100% natural and date back 4000 years so who's to argue with that length of popularity. They seem to be the shoe of the moment with Chanel bringing out a lust worthy pair.

The other bonus is that if your budget doesn't stretch as far as Chanel (welcome to the club) then if you buy from traditional makers they're super cheap so you can get a pair in every colour here

We were lucky enough to be given a very special housewarming present. Two gorgeous printed tea towels by my uber talented friend Natalie Laura Ellen. The prints are so fun they cannot fail to put a smile on your face and they've certainly livened up our apartment! 

Right, now it's time to go out and enjoy the sunshine! 

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