Friday, 19 September 2014


It is always so much fun to collaborate with friends. I am really excited to share some of my favourite new designs by the Fashion Scout winning graduate designers that I came across at The Freemason's Hall at London Fashion Week. I am even more excited to share these illustrations the ridiculously talented Emma McMorrow. These pieces are so much fun and Emma has captured this beautifully in her illustrations.

Camilla Grimes 

The Manchester School of art will always be in my hearts as I studied in Manchester and lived with students at the school. The work that comes out of here is always exciting and often tongue in cheek. Camilla Grimes is the epitome of this it seems. This pink parka with sequined poodles on it made my inner 8 year old scream with joy and my actual 28 year old self seriously consider a new winter coat. 

Keiko Nishiyama

Hailing from Tokyo, designer Keiko Nishiyama creates prints that make you gasp (with joy). Her latest collection depicts a stunning underwater seaworld and I was particularly struck by her inclusion of this striking sculptural headpiece. Maybe not one to wear down to Morrison's but boy would it be fun to wear to a party!

Cassandra Verity Green

Just look at this bag by Central Saint Martin's Cassandra Verity Green. It is so simple but has a futuristic element kind of like if Barbarella was to work was to go work for a cool advertising agency in 2016. For her graduate show this London based knitwear designer sent these bags down the catwalk with fish in and this unexpected element paired with the fun pastel furs made this a totally stand out graduate show. You might prefer to keep your keys in it but either way you know you want this bag.

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