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I live in Peckham and can't imagine living in any other part of London than SE. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite places to hang out. Will also do this for other areas and places for summer, galleries and restaurants in future. Yeah and I do seem to talk about pubs and beer here a lot but that's because they are good. Anyhow enjoy!..

This friendly gem of a café/bar/film, music and art space just hits the nail on the head. Lounge on one of the old chesterfield’s and enjoy good music, pizza, bagels and beer from South East breweries, Meantime, Kernel and even Peckham’s own Brick Brewery.  There are regular screenings, a book club (come say hi), events and Giles Peterson DJd here the other week.

Mr Lawrence – Crofton Park

The lovely couple who own this snug little wine bar I  Crofton Park really know their stuff and love to share this so do have a chat with them. A large glass of in CHATEAU LAFFORGUE in hand sat at a candle lit table surrounded by dark paneled walls is the closest thing I have to being transported back to Paris in London. Bliss.  They’re also a merchants.

This is one of my favourite pubs of all time and I’ve frequented a fair few trust me. The bar staff become your new best friends, the beer selections very impressive and the atmospheres so good you’ll end up with a gaggle of drinking buddies before the nights out. Add to this lovely Victorian interior,  sofas, good food cooked in an open kitchen and a weird game I haven’t worked out yet and you pretty much have the perfect pub just there. So much love for this place.

One of the Antic pubs and housed in a former post office. This pub offers a selection of ales (5 hand pumps) and lots of nooks and crannies to relax in. Cracking place to stop off for a cheeky pint (or tow in) after taking in the bizarrecollections in the nearby Horniman Museum.

178 – New Cross

New cross is a bit of a café hotspot and 178 is a lovely addition. Established and funded by Toucan Employment, as a social enterprise they offer offer employment and training opportunities to adults with learning disabilities. They have an inclusive ethos so welcome groups, events and workshops. 178 has a seasonal menu and hosts pub quizzes and dance nights. They also stock beers from Beavertown Gamma Ray and Canterbury Brewery .


Another one owned by Antic. This is a rustic pub with some eye-catching interior décor. The atmosphere’s really chilled and friendly and there are lots of interesting seating areas to choose from.

Camberwell’s not lacking in decent pubs that’s for sure. The Bear is a handsome boozer; sturdy, honest and authentic. It does great food and it’s needless to say it is a good bet for a long boozy, foodie Sunday avo. 


Café Crema – New Cross
Yup another New Cross café. This one gets a mention because it’s one of those cosy spaces you want to read the Sunday papers in. Plus it has a vast brunch menu.

This is a gallery offering local artists a soace in which to exhibit and also a popular local café. They have an open mic night on the last Wednesday of every month, changing exhibitions and host workshops.

House Cafe

The Garden Café – New Cross

Like a little taste of the Mediterranean on a busy street across from Goldsmiths, Garden Café has a lovely vine covered terrace and some very reasonably priced sangria to enjoy in the summer. At other times there’s a great mezze, ridiculously enormous (reasonably priced at £5 with free beverage) breakfast and a lovely owner who will get to know you by name. 

After the fire last year Jam Circus has been welcomed back with open arms by patrons. There’s a reason for this. This place is well laid out with vintage décor – including a 50’s living room - and a relaxed vibe. It hosts regular cabaret nights and there’s plenty og good seating and stuff behind the bar. What more could you ask for?

The London Particular – New Cross

If you can get a seat at this popular little café then prepare to enjoy some very good coffee. Everything’s fresh and sourced from small suppliers and the staff are very accommodating. There are many reasons this place is so popular.

The Telegraph At The earl Of Granby – Nunhead

Tucked away is this friendly local pub that has friendly staff and real ales that include London Pride, Adnams, Chiswick Bitter, plus some Czech lagers. What make sthis place is the chatty clientele who are bound to make you feel welcome.

This is another favourite because it is light and airy and is spacious and comfortable. The staff are lovely, which makes up for a so so beer selection. The wine list is pretty decent though and there’s a cinema in the back and impromptu jazz and DJ (Joe Goddard plays on occasion) sessions on Sundays. You don’t get that in every local pub.


Bar Story – Peckham

Becoming a bit of a stalwart Peckham destination, Bar Story is tucked beneath the arches and is a buzzy, friendly and trendy place to enjoy cheap cocktails (2 for £7 between 6- 7 everyday) and pizza (2 for £10 Tuesday). Sit around the fire pit in summer and head to Sassoon Gallery in the archway behind it to carry on the party. You’ll keep finding yourself back in this place trust me.

This pub has a dark old world gothic tone and is grand yet super comfortable and vast. Sofas galore nad open fires mean that you will linger here.

See my point above about Camberwell and boozers. This is a real treat for beer drinkers because the selection’s superb. The beer selections pretty unique and sure to offer a few surprises whether you choose the aptly names (10.5%) American Left Hand Wake Up Dead, Schlenkherla Hells, Danish To Øl Blossom, Belgium Kwak,  (that’s what I’ve sample so far) and some Kernal and Brewdog offerings.  It’s a comfortable and discreet pub with a lot (of beer) to give. 


Canavan’s Pool Club 

This joint could be described a s retro but that takes away some of the rough around the edges character this place has in abundance. One of Peckham's most popular night spots this is where you go to party and dance until morning (6am) descends upon Rye Lane and the chaos kicks up again.

The Bussey Building – Peckham

This place shouldn’t need much of an introduction as it’s becoming pretty well known. Containing the CLF Art Café, this former shoe factory hosts fringe theatre, markets, street food festivals, pilates, film nights/festivals, comedy and late night parties. It’s a one stop shop in Peckham that offers more than nuts, milk and B&H. 


The Ivy House – Nunhead

London’s first cooperative pub has more character than Dot Cotton’s hat collection. There’s also a beautiful stage on which you can catch some interesting gigs and, oh yeah, the beer selections good.

I've taken it upon myself to sample SE London's Pizza offerings (you can thank me later). This meant getting a bus to Deptford
and then on a bus to eat...

                          The Big Red Pizza Bus Deptford

The Big Red Pizza 

Have you ever eaten pizza on a bus? I'm not talking about 4am binges on the night bus home. The Big Red Bus is an old London route-master bus surrounded with a purpose built enclosed terrace that does great pizza. They have free film screenings, free comedy and do a pizza and beer offering. What's not to love about this place!

The yellow House

Surrey Quays has more to offer than a large Tesco. At The Yellow House you'll find excellent pizza. Properly done like they do in Italy and everything. 

Please tell me if I've missed anywhere.

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