Friday, 18 October 2013


This gorgeous short film by Alasdair McLellan shows Ray Winston revisiting his old boxing club, The Repton. It made me teary eyed as I've been in and around boxing clubs for the past 10 years and have just recently started boxing again in North London. Over the years I’ve been in swim clubs, yoga groups, cycling teams but Boxing is more than a sport. It’s really good for the soul. One boxing session is more relaxing and moral boosting than a million meditation sessions and a boxing club also works as a kind of extended family where you are supported and pushed to be the best you can be. 

In this video Ray Winston talks about the acceptance and sense of morality you get in a boxing club. When you join a club you become a member and what you are, or are perceived to be, outside of that club is irrelevant. Age, appearance, background are all irrelevant. You’re there to train and to compete. If you work hard you earn respect and that’s a big life lesson right there.


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