Friday, 20 September 2013


When I recently went through the British Film Festival line-up there were a few that made me do a happy dance. This is the first...

It's far from a secret that I adore Jim Jarmusch but it just stepped up a gear as it looks like he's possibly made my idea of a perfect film. His latest pic 'Only Lovers Left Alive' (even has a rad name) is set between the crazily contrasting but equally fascinating Tangier and Detroit and follows the romance between a musician called Adam and his beloved Eve who are, of course, a pair of century old vampires.

Adam's played by the brilliant Tom Hiddleston and then there's the incredibly amazingly amazing and fabulous women that's Tilda Swinton playing eve. Then there's the intriguing Mia Wasikowska as Eve's sis Ava and the total legend that is John Hurt. The soundtrack's going to be brilliant, there are so many literary and music references to enjoy and then there's Jarmusch's deadpan humour.

Existential vampire movies are totally my bag; I count Romero's 'Martin', Scott's 'The Hunger' and Ferrara's 'The Addiction' as personal faves. Also, who can forget the more mainstream but equally creepy 'Interview With a Vampire'. Don't worry, this is no twilight, this is Jarmusch after all. It's getting dark out there so what could be better than catching Jarmusch's take on vampires - with a stellar cast thrown in to boot! This film's going to be cooler than January.


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