Monday, 29 July 2013


Little Monday morning treat here. Love a bit of Ratatat and also love this video because there's a white budgie in it.

I had a white budgie growing up and she was called Snowy - no prizes for original names but, in my defense, I was 5 when we got her. She fell out of the nest as a baby so we took her in as a house bird. She was kind of round and viscious. She was well 'ard too, fell out of a first floor window and was mauled by the neighbour's cat but she kept on going. For 14 years no less. She went a bit yellow and her legs kind of wore away so she hobbled about but she could make progress and got as far as the front garden path one day. Her wings were crooked but she was quite happy catching a lift on a foot, clinging to the sock as she rode from room to room, and giving you a good old peck. 

Fond memories of the time she hung from my septum like a feathery accessory whilst I wiped tears from my eyes. Tears of pain not joy, it bloody hurt. That was just Snowy's way of saying I love you though and we loved her. R.I.P you crazy white little feathery deformed freaky bird you xx

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