Friday, 10 May 2013


Being fair skinned and reddish haired I am certainly no sun worshiper and will take any excuse to hide out in the dark, plus being a film writer helps. Here's what I plan to watch...

Words cannot express how excited I am about Only Lovers Left Alive. A pseudo vampire movie (being pale I can relate) made by Jarmen and starring Tilda Swinton is my idea of heaven. 

Also, waiting to get word of the distribution of Werner Herzog's new film Queen of the Desert (any tip-offs?). Have high hopes that it'll be a bit odd and more than a bit good.

If you haven't already, do check out these films I reviewed for Candid Magazine - No, We went to War, The Spirit of '45 and Fuck for Forest.

Tom à la Ferme is another Xavier Dolan gem worth clocking.

Excited about The Zero Therorem because Terry Gilliam's films always make uncomfortable viewing, in a good way.

Bit worrying maybe, but still true. I will also be reviewing some films as part of the Chinese Visual Festival running 24th May to 2nd June in London. Worth checking out if you're in London. 

I'm not promising any of the top film's will be good because I haven't seen most of them. I will report back.

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