Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Love Werner Knaup's work, especially these emotive paintings of stormy seas.

The Boat - Nima Yooshij

My face is withered
My boat is stranded.
With my stranded bark I cry:
“I am stranded in sorrow
In this dangerous seashore
And the water is far away
“Help, O friends!”
A smile of derision breaks upon their lips
But directed at me
At my askew boat
At my tumultuous words
At my infinite perturbation
At my infinite perturbation
Suddenly a cry issues from me:
I fear but danger and annihilation
The commotion of `to be or not to be'
It is but for endangered life.”
With their mistake
I buy mistakes
From their disheartening words
I suffer
Blood spurts out of my wound
How can I dry the water?
I cry.
My face is withered
My boat is stranded
My words are clear to you:

One person is alone
I extend my hand to you for help

My voice is broken in my throat
And if voice is voluble
I cry
For your salvation and mine
I cry!

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