Wednesday, 19 September 2012


The Sunday Service on Dalston Rooftop The Sunday Service has been a pretty special breakfast pop-up ion the urban sanctuary that's Dalston rooftop. I was dying to go but sadly had to host a mega party in Henley (long story). Fortunately my bezzie was still able to attend and has written Tricky Customers first guest post! Here's what she made of what looks like the ultimate Sunday hanover cure... We arrived at 18 Ashwin street in Dalston, at 12:30 for the the second and later 'Brekkie' session of the day and were very pleased to be issued with our inclusive food and drink vouchers - what more could you ask for on a Sunday?! 

After walking eagerly up the considerable flight of stairs to the top, we opened the door and were met by what can only be described as a haven, tooked away on a rooftop in the middle of Dalston. The rooftop was adorned with green faux-grass (urban meets rural chic) and a mixture of very comfy white single and double mattresses on which people were relaxing, eating, drinking and chatting merrily. There was also an area which resembled a beach front or summer park with mats and cushions. Bliss! With the sun shining through the September clouds we collected our inclusive (in the cost of tickets) food and drinks. The food consisted of a variety of breads and drinks the traditional orange juice and tea or coffee, or an added treat of chocolate milk. I opted for the traditional coffee and orange juice, although I have it on good authority the chocolate milk was delious! The bread was accompanied by a vast array of jams, marmalades, and more chocolate. We managed to eat our weight in jams, as in such sumptous surroundings it was difficult to stop spreading. 

There was also the chance to pay for additional breakfast treats, such as a highly tempting selection of waffles with sweet drizzled toppings and savoury options that included bacon and salmon. The wind picked up shortly after we settled on our mattress, which did make digging into the food a little challenging but this it to be expected on a roof top and just added to pretty unique overall experience. 

As the afternoon continued, the atmosphere, which had been vibrant when we arrived, quietened down, much like when smaller towns get sleepy on a Sunday afternoon. This atmosphere may have been re-invigorated by some background music, as the sounds of the street began to break through the harmony of the roof but it still felt chilled. The smells from the open air kitchen did not abate, with the fragrant waffles wafting over, ensuring my saliva glands were kept working all afternoon. The relaxing continued and after about 2 hours spent on the roof when the chill of September did win and we made our move. Although blankets were on offer to those felt the cold and we left satified by the food and experience.

The Sunday Service was definitely a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon, although it would have benefitted from an injection of some music, to ensure the atmosphere was continued even after the volume of customer decreased. We were also lucky with the weather as it was only the wind, we had to contend with, if it had rained, it would be a different story - but hey, welcome to England. If you’re looking for a country style relaxing Sunday afternoon or you’ve had a heavy night before and want something to do without having to move or think too much, this is the place to be. Hangover heaven was found in Dalston!

The Sunday Service is continuing on the 23 September 2012 to 30 September 2012, more information and tickets are available from: 

It's a great concept and was definitely agreat way to spend a sleepy Sunday avo.

Review by Clare Simmons ❤
Photographs by Jade Mellor  

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