Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Due to a certain sporting event all eyes are currently on London. No better place in my opinion! Yes, I am completely biased because London is my home (but not my home town) - the place that I - like millions of others - chose to make my home.  

I recently happened upon this short film by Michael Smith and Wojciech Duczmal and I think it pretty much sums up what pulls people here and keeps them in what is essentially not an easy, but a very rewarding place to reside - what it's like to live in and love this trying and magnificent city.

'Inspired by Baudelaire’s idea of the flâneur, the stroller whose epiphany is the shifting urban spectacle, the film is about one individual’s personal response to the unique spirit that charges the city he inhabits – in this case, Michael’s response to the inner East End, where he has lived for many years.
It’s a film about the deep, complex, bitter-sweet romance between an individual and his city. Like many long-term love affairs, it’s a dysfunctional one, but nevertheless, this film is a love story between a person and a place.'

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