Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I've been meaning to waffle on about this ever since hearing about this exciting collaboration... 

                                                     The Clever Is In The Details

It's no secret that ♥ Jim JarmuschJarmusch is a Director who always keeps full creative control of his film projects, and that includes the soundtracks. His film's cast an abundance of musicians including Tom Waits, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Iggy Pop, John Lurie, Wu Tang and The White Stripes and their soundtracks are always incredible - as I've previously mentioned. Jarmusch is also a musician; in the early 80's he was part of the no wave band, The Del-Byzanteens, and a slo-mo psychadelic band called Bad Rabbit. Unsurprisingly Jarmusch's influence has equal weighting in music as in film and that is how this news came about...

One day on the street, back in 2006, a Dutch minimalist composer called Jozef van Wissem handed Jarmusch a demo. This proved to be a wise move as Jarmusch subsequently asked him to score his next film (currently in production), Only Lovers Left Alive. Last year Jarmusch also played guitar on Wissem's track The Joy that Never Ends. This proved to be just the start of a collaborative muiscal relationship as Jarmusch and van Wissem are now working on an album titled Concerning the Entrance into Eternity and it's a corker. Jarmusch's droning guitar meets van Wissem's flute to create an album that is meditative and experiential. It's definitely tiding me over until his next film. 

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